The SDGs Scholars Academy will include distinguished fellows and fellows, who will be united by the breadth and depth of their expertise and interest in engaging in open and transparent dialogue about SDGs issues today and the future of the SDG, and who will engage affiliates interested in participating in SDGs Scholars Academy events.

Distinguished fellows are selected based on the recommendations of the University of Toronto's senior leadership. Distinguished fellows are pre-eminent thought leaders in field who have made impactful contributions to advancing knowledge with relevance to the SDGs, and who are internationally recognized for their reputation and performance, their ability to innovate and constructively disrupt the status quo, and their capacity to advice on the strategic priorities of the SDGs Scholars Academy. Distinguished Fellows are thought leaders from UofT as well as academia, government, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Distinguished Fellows will be part of the SDGs Scholars Academy for as long as they actively contribute to the Academy.

Fellows are appointed to the Academy based on recommendations from the senior leadership of the SDGs@UofT, using the Academy’s nomination, selection, and appointment process. Fellows are early career and established researchers who are interested in leading and participating in synthesis and catalyst research activities. Fellows will have appointments at one of the University’s three campuses.

Any faculty, staff, or student with interest in the mandate of the SDGs@UofT can become an affiliate of the Academy, by completing the membership form.

Nomination process

  1. The SDGs@UofT Nomination Committee will distribute a call for nominations of Fellows to the SDGs Scholars Academy.
  2. There is no limit to the number of nominations allowed for Fellows, but the following eligibility requirements must be followed:
  • Candidates will be full-time faculty members with their primary appointment at the University of Toronto.
  • Fellows will be early career or established researchers whose scholarship is relevant to multiple SDGs who are interested in leading and participating in the synthesis and catalyst research activities, and who are recommended by the Nomination Committee, selected by the Implementation Committee, endorsed and appointed by the senior leadership of the University of Toronto. They will have an appointment for up to four years if they are a faculty member at the University of Toronto, renewable once.
  • Fellows will be nominated based on their proven commitment to partnership and collaboration, and engagement in local, national, or international fora.
  • Fellows should demonstrate their commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through their scholarship and use of anti-oppression praxis in their teaching and research where applicable.
  • Fellows will be nominated based on their potential to (1) accelerate convergence research that reflects epistemological and methodological diversity, and (2) empower trainees to engage in convergence research related to the SDGs.
  1. Each nomination shall include:
  • A cover letter from the primary nominator
  • A citation (maximum 70 words)
  • A detailed appraisal (maximum 1200 words)
  • A candidate’s statement (maximum 500 words).
  • Two letters of reference (maximum 750 words)
  • A biography of each referee (maximum 250 words)
  • A CV (maximum 10 pages)
  • A completed nomination form.


The Nomination Committee will prepare a ranked list of eligible candidates for Fellows of the SDGs Scholars Academy, using the criteria outlined above. The SDGs@UofT Implementation Committee will review the ranked list and make recommendations of Fellows for endorsement by the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council will review the recommendations and endorse a final slate of nominations to be shared with the Principal of UTSC who will appoint the fellows.


The invited Fellows will be informed of the outcome of the nomination process and must consent to becoming a Fellow and the conditions of being a Fellow prior to being inducted as members of the SDGs Scholars Academy. The new Fellows of the SDGs Scholars Academy will be admitted at an annual event of the SDGs@UofT.

For more information about the nomination process, please contact us via email at

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