Marney Isaac

Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences & Department of Global Development Studies

Dr. Marney Isaac is a Professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Global Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. Dr. Isaac holds the Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems & Development. She leads an interdisciplinary research lab on sustainability in agroecosystems. She is a specialist in the field of agroecology, with particular expertise in agroforestry systems. Her research addresses fundamental questions on the role of biodiversity in agroecosystems and provides insights into the plant-soil interactions that govern the structure and function of biologically complex agricultural landscapes. She also supervises an international research program investigating the role of agrarian information networks in the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. Dr. Isaac has published widely in environmental science, agronomic, ecology and multi-disciplinary journals.